Bill Palifka

Life Adventure: Joined the military, saw the world, and got a chance to go to college.

Result: Visited some truely amazing places, earned my degree and gained valuable real life experience during my deployment to Iraq.

Life Adventure: Came home from Iraq and was interested in learning more about technology. Started working here!

Result: Found out I was a closet tech geek and enjoyed working with clients like this and this.

Life Adventure: Dove down the rabbit hole into the world of data and started working here.

Result: Continued to work with great clients like this and this. Almost forgot... and them!

Life Adventure: Five guys and a great idea- started this!

Result: Became very specialized and found out timing is everything!

Life Adventure: Decided to stay very specialized and is working here.

Result: Got a chance to make a few new friends like this and this!

Life Adventure: Recieved a phone call one day.

Result: Now I am working on one of the biggest issues this generation will face- solving important Healthcare Issues for a better tomorrow.