Bill Pliske

An Ohio boy at heart, I grew up 20 miles east of Columbus in the small town of Pataskala. In 1986, I joined my family in Houston, Tx., and life got moving. Volleyball soon became a love of mine, and a good friend pointed out a job opening at a small local newspaper.

Since then, I went on to become graphics editor of The Victoria Advocate (1993-1994), and then Asst. Graphics Editor and Design Director for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for nearly 12 years (1994-2006). In 1995,

I developed the first prototype of what would eventually become In 2006, I accepted a position at the Arizona Republic and, where I am currently the Digital Presentation Editor.

I'm the father of three terrific kids, Emily, Josh and Carson, and currently live in Goodyear, Arizona, where I also do freelance design.