Bill Releford

Dr. Bill Releford is the medical director of Releford Foot and Ankle Institute. Through the institute’s two clinic locations in Beverly Hills and Inglewood, California, Dr. Releford helps patients with diabetes overcome chronic wound issues. Often, if patients do not receive proper care for wounds that do not heal easily, amputation is imminent. In order to salvage limbs and mend chronic wounds, Dr. Bill Releford employs a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the abilities of numerous specialists. The result is a comprehensive treatment plan that increases the odds of saving an appendage. Major media outlets such as CBS News, the Los Angeles Times, and ABC News have interviewed him due to his expertise in treating diabetic foot problems.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Bill Releford contributes to the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program. The mission of the group is to provide locally based offerings that eliminate disparities in health care throughout underserved communities. Its goal is to help the African American community as a whole better understand various diseases and proper care.