Bill Robertson

I was born on February 18, 1997 in Charlotte, North Carolina. My mom went to North Carolina and dad went to Davidson. I grew up loving Davidson Basketball and still do to this day. As a kid I grew up playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. I continued to play all of them up until 8th grade when I played for my middle school team. In elementary school, I went to Selwyn Elementary and continued to Alexander Graham Middle School. After middle school, I went to Myers Park High School where I played Junior Varsity basketball as a freshman and then was moved up to varsity as a sophomore. As a senior in high school, our team went all the way to the final four where we lost badly. It was a fun run and a good way to end my basketball career. Throughout high school I really worked on keeping my grades up and was a good student. I choose to come to Georgia because of the great football and awesome campus. My favorite subject is math. I enjoy hanging out with friends and watching sports. During my free time I also enjoy playing golf with my friends. I’m excited to be at the University of Georgia and hope to have a good year of football and school.