Bill 5onic Fricke

Currently: New Jersey

Bill 5onic Fricke

Currently: New Jersey

Ok quickly. I was born a manic depressive. In other words Bi-polar. I have always been an 'artist.' Well, creative. At 44 or so I went through a spiritual transmutation I now no longer suffer from depression.

I became a Spiritual Teacher and Healer~ I did so through the Grace and Teachings of The Modern Mystery School. Is the school for you? You would have to use your Free Will to discern that.

As far as being creative is concerned I have had an incredible career but it has been hard and non-linear.

At it's height, I worked as a Syndicated Artist for both The LA Times and The Tribune.

At the bottom of the wave of experience I have had no work artistic or not for far too long. I have had many shows for my art and have enjoyed so many moments in art and in nature~

It is my belief that challenges are self imposed coming from Our Divine or HIgher Self. It is through these turbulent upswings and downward spirals that we grow and progress.

I am gifted at 55 to have the understanding that to be Creative is a boxless consideration we are not limited, we are if we accept that illusion and I do not~

You might also call me CONCEPTSUNAMI~ If I have a theme I can extrapolate on it till literally stopped. It is not an obsession, it is simply a focused energy!

I work in all mediums whatever will support the desired result and I love it all because it is an extension of me~

The essence of creativity!

I have worked in many industries; that of pen and pencils and all that connotes and also greeting cards, Tee shirts, websites, kids publishing, newspapers, magazines, the odd radio spot, even a cable tv show for art. There is always more, more, more.

I am looking forward to the next step the next tier of this ever changing journey and it's very possible that you might be a part of it.

We are one and one are we. There is no separation you see:))) That is what makes me joyful and yes happy.





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