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Bill Upton

Entrepreneur Bill Upton of central Alabama serves as president and CEO of Vulcan Threaded Products and Vulcan Steel Products. In 1978, Bill Upton cofounded Vulcan Steel Products (then known as the Vulcan Threaded Rod Company), a Birmingham, Alabama-based producer of threaded rods in a variety of diameters. Since then, he and his executive partners have established three internal divisions: Vulcan Threaded, Vulcan Heat Treating, and Vulcan Cold Finished. These three divisions are distinct leaders in their respective markets.

Bill Upton and his executive colleagues currently oversee a 400,000-square-foot production center and warehouse facility located in Pelham, Alabama. From this world-class facility, Vulcan Steel serves as one of the foremost domestic steel enterprises in the U.S. and dominates the threaded-rod market nationwide. The Alabama company’s success partly stems from its commitment to quality; Vulcan Steel maintains an effective quality management system and backs it up with responsive customer support.

Outside of the office, Bill Upton actively participates in multiple professional and trade groups, among them the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Wire Producers Association. He also represents the company in the Enforce Coalition, a collaboration of domestic manufacturers focused on implementing more stringent trade legislation.