Will Barker

Student and Aspiring Data Scientist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Hey there, I'm Will. I'm a fourth year student just about to graduate from Ryerson University's Creative Industries program, but more importantly than that, I'm a futurist.

Throughout my schooling and personal development I've come to the realization that society is on the cusp of its next greatest technological revolution - the dawn of artificial intelligence. Autonomous cars, personalized online shopping, predictive healthcare analytics... These are just a few easy examples of how we've just recently been able to leverage the massive amounts of information (big data), algorithms, and computing power that we possess today. But things are going to get much, much, weirder. If you're interested to see what direction we're heading in, I highly encourage you check out The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil or The Second Machine Age by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson.

My career goal is to be a part of the generation of scientists, software developers, and entrepreneurs that use Artificial Intelligence to reinvent and optimize our existence. With the abundance of resources available online to pursue a new education on your own time and terms, I'm currently teaching myself the skills necessary to be successful in this highly innovative and impactful space. There are so many areas in which AI will improve our quality of life: regulating our energy consumption, automating menial or dangerous jobs, expanding our access to knowledge... Everyone in tech is talking about it now, but soon the entire world will understand the changes that are on the horizon.

If you're interested in this exciting field and want to know more, or are curious to know more about the path I intend to take on my journey, feel free to contact me!

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    • Ryerson University