Bill Williams

Mesa, AZ

I'm Bill Williams, a guy with a lot of interests, but unfortunately not much time. I am a papa and a husband in the Phoenix, AZ area. We relocated back here in 2014 from the San Diego area where we had lived for over two years. I have a wonderful wife, Crystal, and three great boys, Cayman, Merek, and Trey. I work in technology, most recently in technical sales, but have a background in development, IT, consulting, and even professional real estate a long, long time ago. Currently I am focusing on Windows Client technologies, including Windows 8. I attended Arizona State University in both the Liberal Arts College as an Economics major and more recently in the Engineering College as a Computer Science and Engineering major. I am as big a Sun Devil fan as they come...all sports. Mostly I enjoy spectating Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

I love playing and participating in a lot of sports, though, including football, softball/baseball, basketball, cycling, running, racquetball, and even, to some extent out of necessity, swimming (I participate very infrequently in triathlon competitions).

I have also lived in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, and at one time was fluent in Greek, although with little practice "fluent" has probably turned into "passable".

As for my passions beyond my family; those include technology, general aviation, scuba diving, photography, videography, and sometimes even woodworking. I'm a pilot, a certified scuba diver, and a somewhat adequate amateur photographer and videographer/editor. I even dabble a bit in music production.

I also combine some of my passions into various endeavors, including producing a podcast on learning to fly called The Student Pilot Cast, and as a host on another long running aviation podcast, the Pilotcast. I also combine my photography interests with my diving, and spend some energy producing underwater photos and videos. I have a lot more content in the can, so to speak, than produced and published, but someday I may catch up (probably not).

  • Work
    • Microsoft
  • Education
    • Arizona State University