Bill Wrightjr

I had my first Heart Attack in 1998, 2002 first pacemaker 2004 first Pacemaker/Difibulator 2006 the Difibulator being replaced had burn marks by the battery. At that time they ablated the bottom of my heart. Making me life dependent on my device this disabled me after 18 shocks to my heart. In 2008 I ruptured the tendon in my ankle after two years an infection , skin graph, 168 bags of antibiotics, three weeks in rehab i'm going again having Crones disease, my stomach has been screwed up since. 1994 I had salmonella poisoning in 1978 it I got Reiter's disease. In 2008 the Reiter's inflames my joints from infection fluid building pushing joints apart. mean while I got diabetes, Sorghums, skin rashes and bursa sacks pup up often. oh yes we cant forget about the anti-depressants. My Gout fills really bad until neuropathy in my feet I take over 23 pills a day and have no pain killers.