Billy Denton

Hi, I enjoy all things in life and I feel like there is nothing I cant do. I help others that need it and do everything to help my family and friends. I play games like bf3 and do the best to be the best. I work on computers so others dont end up paying a lot. I have beed married three times and have 2 great children, kevin and Hailey. I am still married to Ascenda Denton. I lost my mom and grandma with in 2 months in 2011. I have 4 sisters and two half brothers. I enjoy working on cars, computers houses and people. I do what ever it takes to learn new things. I am an Ordained Minister, a Master cabinet maker, and installer. I enjoy pets. I life being the life of the party and making others smiles. I feel like a womens body is like a temple of love and you have to take your time and enjoy it, and they will enjoy you. People's opinion is just that and we all can listen to it, but we dont have to have it effect our life. We cant make every one happy but the ones we can we should just keep them happy because they are the ones that care. I enjoy meeting new and old friends and hanging out with them. I enjoy sports movies and cartoons. so if you like what you read dont be afraid to say hello. I would love to go around the world and see new places that I have only read about. there is nothing i would not try just so I have no regrets.