Billy Hew

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi There!

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, muay thai practitioner & fitness coach and a marketer by profession. I've always been a fitness & enthusiast since I was 15 years old, and have been a serious practitioner since for over 17 years.

My forage into the fitness industry officially began about 5 years ago, attaching myself part-time with various fitness centres in the Klang Valley. At about the same time, I decided to learn and train in Muay Thai. I began to incorporate what I learnt into my exercise programs & my clients love it. The beauty about what I do is you don't need expensive gym memberships, heavy equipment or fancy gear. Where you want to look as ripped as Christiano Ronaldo, slim and sexy like Rihanna, or tanked up like Hugh Jackman, I have the program and tenacity to get you there. But even if you do want to work out in a gym, rest assured I am well trained in using all types of equipment safety & effectively.

So far, my clients have come from various backgrounds with different goals. Some of these include wanting to lose weight, post surgery rehabilitation, gaining muscle & getting a ripped body, pre/ post pregnancy fitness, and last but not least amateur fighters who need to improve their fitness & power.

I love to mix things up into my programs, which can include anything from plyometrics, TRX, athletics training, meditation, muay thai drills, P90X, Spartan, resistance bands and many more. Like yourself, I enjoy doing different things that can bring me results and keep things fun and interesting!

If you are looking for a serious yet fun trainer, please drop me a line or call me on 0172050372.

Work. Sleep. Train

  • Work
    • tigerlab sdn. bhd & freelancer
  • Education
    • RMIT University, American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Train