Billy Indiana Murby

Berlin, Germany

Urban Exploration isn't just about photography, it's a love of the rarely seen places that surround every one of us. Often referred to as UE or urbex. We go where very few are willing to go, we bend the rules to experience the places that are left to die, and we capture these places at the end of their lives. Stepping into an abandoned structure that hasn't been seen in 50 years is better than any museum because you're seeing the place as it once was. You're seeing it through the eyes of the last person who locked the door and turned off the lights. It's an indescribable feeling. All I know is that I live for that sense of excitement. Our modern world is making it harder to experience the sensation. The best we can do is capture these places before they die and share our art for those who will never be able to see it in person. Urban Exploration Resource