Billy Armstrong


I'm Billy Armstrong. I love technology, apps, tech news, and innovative ideas/concepts, businesses, and people. I enjoy sharing life with my friends. I have one passion, one constant joy, and one love in my life. That is my sufficient Savior Jesus Christ. Some people wonder why I am this way, my answer is it seems I have no choice. Christ loved me first and he created me to Glorify Him. So even on my "bad" days, I still bring glory, honor, and praise to Him. I love music, play music, and almost live it sometimes. My future is already known, I know I will accomplish one thing in my life. That is making some sort of difference, whether it be in a random persons life, those who are around me, or on a grander scale. This is a daily goal of mine. I am driven, and have had a lot of unique life experiences. I have lived over seas, I have a passion for overseas missions. I believe all Christians are missionaries, so I know I don't have to go over sees to be whiteness, but God has put a calling in my heart to support His church on global scale. I have a passion for business, and believe that is my mission field. God has blessed me with a creative mind, a heart to serve, and a love for people.