On any exploration, the best guide is one that knows the territory, who earns your confidence, and who also respects where you want to go. That’s me. I guide clients over the exhilarating terrain that is real estate in Los Angeles. I know all the nooks and crannies, ins and outs, ups and downs, every turn of the trail. From the grand plan of discovering the ideal property for you to the nitty-gritty of the technical details, I handle it all. You’re free to enjoy the journey.

How do I work? Let's just say I hate pushy salespeople. I am comfortable. I know that the people are what's important in a real estate transaction, not the transaction itself. I see it all too often in today's society where people are subordinate to the deal. Wrong. I'm here to work for you. I want you to achieve your dreams, your goals. That's a passion of mine, a passion to help and to encourage. It's how I do business and how I live life.

I can be reached at (323) 306-0850

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