Student in San Luis, Estados Unidos

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🎈│Hey kids, I’m Otto.

If you know me irl, try to not use my birth name

I’m a gay, birom transguy, so he/him (they/them is okay too).

I live in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you use she/her I’ll throat punch you

💐│I roleplay on Instagram and other sites.

My main roleplay account is @beetlecackle.

Other Instagram accounts are @aerokinetics and @dersians.

🔮│My favorite television shows are cartoons, Marvel, and Star Wars stuff.

My favorite movies are Star Wars Episodes and Marvel stuff, Victor Frankenstein.

My favorite books are Good Omens and A New Dawn.

I like dinosaurs, chocolate, and history.

🌙│I don’t like germs or pushy people

Don’t follow me if you are: homophobic ortransphobic

💫│Thanks for reading if you did