🎈│i’m otto.

if you know me irl, please don’t use my birth name!!

i’m a gay, birom transguy, so he/him please (they/them is okay too).

i live in missouri.

! don’t use she/her !

🗒│i roleplay on instagram and sometimes other sites.

my main roleplay accounts are @inkcry, @beetlecackle, @aquiliferi.

other instagram accounts are @thehermescabin, @aerokinetics.

🔮│my favorite tv shows are supernatural, daredevil, adventure time, gravity falls, and over the garden wall.

my favorite movies are big hero 6, ca: tws, aou, sw: tfa

my favorite books are good omens and neverwhere.

i like dinosaurs

🌙│i don’t like germs or pushy people

don’t follow me if you are:

! homophobic !

! transphobic !

queerphobic, racist, sexist, fatphobic, ableist, etc.

a supporter of pedophilia

you make rape jokes or defend / support rapists

🌿│thanks for reading??

! if i don’t know you irl, dm me with the code 'dinosaurs' to follow !

if we're friends from roleplay, dm me with your character’s name