Billy Liebesny

IT professional Billy Liebesny is a consultant for The Power Button, L.L.C., a firm in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area dedicated helping businesses with their networking and computer needs. A graduate of Academy College with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Billy Liebesny carries 17+ years of experience in technical support for network and data management. With The Power Button, Billy Liebesny provides businesses with on-site and remote IT management that is available 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time IT department. Billy Liebesny offers help desk support and IT assessment, among many other services. If businesses run into trouble with their networks or websites, Billy Liebesny offers emergency support over the phone to quickly resolve any issue. Understanding that the best way to manage a network or database is to prevent problems from happening in the first place, Billy Liebesny works with businesses to create the ideal IT management situation. First, he performs a network assessment to gauge what services The Power Button will need to provide for the client. Then, collaborating with senior network engineers, Billy Liebesny helps the client capitalize on hidden assets and save money through the daily transactions their systems perform. Finally, Billy Liebesny creates an IT management system that best suits the client’s needs. Other than IT management, Billy Liebesny provides IT services for businesses such as secure online data backup, data recovery from server crashes, and employee monitoring services. Billy Liebesny even offers the ability to reorganize e-mail systems, and establish reliable networks over multiple offices. For more information, visit