William Mack

I am studying web development and my aspirations are in three folds: First, I am a retired veteran with service connected disables; I have an extensive background in professional photography. Throughout, my desire has been to improve in photography. It has become more apparent, that simply taking photographs is not enough in today repute changing technology, a photographer needs additional computer skills and knowledge in order to be competitive. This is the foremost reasons that I chose Web development. It is my desire to acquire and become skillful in Web design from the training at University of Phoenix. After graduating, and with my BS Web development knowledge, it is my goal to incorporate this skills with my experiences from photography. Secondly, I am constructing and setting plans to return as an entrepreneur and web development. A major part of these plans and goals are to enhance my knowledge of management concept and business trends as well. Finally, I conceive that University of Phoenix is the 1st step in building my new foundation; I’m convinced with the 2nd step of skills and knowledge and this come training, with collaboration of students and faculty; I’ll be closer to my goals. The opportunities and perspective goals confronting me are just ahead of me. I strongly believe the University of Phoenix “BS Web development program” will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for me to succeed in the ever-changing technology, and give me the foundation necessary to be productive. I living in Baltimore City, MD. However, my Wife and I, are planning to move to Arizona in approximately 2 years. My aspirations are primary the reason for seeking these new opportunities and in a different field. I love photography, and been doing it for over 49 years professionally, I want to incorporate this love into a website design which will allow others to enjoy photography in a complete different aspect.