Billy Miller

Father, Youth Sports Coach, and Outdoor Adventures in Eugene, Oregon

I am a father, living in Eugene, OR, with my 8 year old daughter, Hope. Currently I volunteer as a youth sports coach. Hope and I love to find adventures in both our community and the outdoors. We look for exciting activities all over oregon. Hiking, playing on our beaches and in our rivers, rock hunting, and photography, are some of our favorite things to do outdoors.

Recently, I ended my real estate career of nearly 12 years, and am looking for a new opportunity. After earning my business degree in 2003, my experience is largely in sales. However, I am more drawn to service, project coordination, and management. My collective experiences have me primed and enthusiastice for such a transition.

I believe in service and passion, and that they are most effective hand in hand. I strive to provide what I call, "life changing service." Service that makes a difference, a quantifiable impact in someones life, in our community, on our environment, and in our world.

  • Education
    • Redmond High School
    • Oregon State University