Billy Mulroy

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Hi, my name is Billy Mulroy. I am currently a freshman at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Throughout my life there have been many events, objects, people, and relationships that have greatly influenced my life. But, I can say with extreme confidence that the thing in my life which has had the greatest impact on me as a person is not another individual person, object or event, but rather a concept. The concept that I am thinking of is the concept of Brotherhood. I experience some form of brotherhood with almost every aspect of my life, whether it be the bond I have had with my two brothers since birth, or the bond I had with my teammates on my high school football team, who I considered to be my “brothers” in their own way, or in college where I am exploring a new path and type of brotherhood in the form of a fraternity, and I look forward to seeing where that takes me, and how it impacts me as a person. I think these “brotherly” bonds that I have formed and will form in the future have made me a much better person overall by teaching me the value of things such as teamwork, honesty, trust, and reliability. While, at the same time supplying me with a solid foundation that I can both build off of and/or use to help me rebound from a situation if needed.