Billy Ross

Norwich, Norfolk

Hey there. I'm Billy. I am a very big gamer and amateur writer but i love to do anything so long as im with my friends! I have been playing guitar since may 2007 and my biggest influences are: Extreme, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie & Guns 'n' Roses. I can be quite brash at times and not think what i am doing, and may come across as an arrogant person, but i only mean it with the best intentions. I love meting new people and making friends. I am currently Guitarist for my band "Eagle Park". music, games and my friends are pretty much my life, to be honest, as they are what i like to be around/doing the most. The only one thing exceeds all that is being with my girlfriend, Jess, who i love SO much! My view on life is that is too short and must be lived to the max! CARPE DIEM! ...oh and im obsessed with sonic the hedgehog. XBOX LIVE Gamertag - Belchism92 Steam,Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Last FM - Belchism

  • Work
    • Bertram Books
  • Education
    • Eaton City Of Norwich School
    • Access To Music Norwich