Billy Sutton

Imagine this picture. In a large dugout, around a huge bonfire, sitting on animal skins hungry young and old women. Women children run around all ages. In the women's half of the village live mainly girls, and boys older than 14 - 16 years are given to the education of men, in the male half of the village. All the women in joyous anticipation of the moment: some strong young man and wants to have sexual intercourse. It is desirable that he was very attached to one young person and per night with her, he would generously "pay affection." Maybe it will bring a whole deer, lots of animal skins, beads made ​​of shells, clay pots, lots of wooden spoons, sharp flint knife for cutting the animal carcass. And their dreams come true. After knocking on the door of overweight, man enters the house and puts the campfire small boar.

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Women line up and wait for the man who chooses to sexual intimacy, with whom he will spend this night in their home. Since these ancient man was not developed, the women express themselves with a young man gestures and guttural screams. Man bypasses all adult women, and points his hand on a teenage girl. Women are outraged that the man did not choose someone of them, rises the cry, and especially protesting young mother of this girl. The man takes the legs of wild boar and wants to carry it to the male half, thus showing that he will never give up its claim. Hungry woman stopped at the entrance of a man and a woman-pimp show him the gestures that the female half of society agrees in principle, but the man has to "pay" for a young girl another animal skin. After all, women from the practice of life understand that pregnancy is a young girl with an age of about 14 years, not always, but very often ends in the death of a young pregnant woman. Therefore, the sexual life of an adult male with a girl - it's always a risk to the health of the girls. (At the time no notion of caesarean section on gynecology and obstetrics). The man immediately brings huge bearskin of "male dorm." Female sutenёrsha decides: deal for men successfully completed. A man and a girl discharged into the far corner house and cover them with light skins.

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