Billy TheKidster

Ironworker and Animal Rescue, TNR Certified in Queens, New York

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I was born and now I'm here.

One day soon in the future I'll disappear,

and my time does appear to be drawing near,

with every single passing year.

I have more years behind me,

than I do in front of me.

Reach over 100 years old? Me? Not likely,

and there is also always the possibility,

that I could go suddenly, accidently, prematurely,

In case the latter does happen to be my destiny,

I'm declaring of sound mind publicly,

to all here as my witnesses who give this a read;

1/5 of what is mine monetarily,

is to be donated to my favored charity,

which is Samara's Medical Fund currently.

Now that I have made this binding legally,

I hope Samara's friends don't take a contract out on me.

Could you do a small favor for yours truly?

Since you're here, would you support my favored charity

by clicking on the Support My Charity link above please?

Thanks Everybody.

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