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Billy Vickers

Currently, Billy Vickers serves as the Director of Internal Audit for Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Inc., the largest independent hotel and resort management company in the country. In his position, Billy Vickers not only monitors all operational assets, he is also responsible for identifying key financial risks, overseeing internal audits, and, when necessary, conducting internal investigations. When the Sunstone division of the company went public, Billy Vickers constructed the framework necessary for the process to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Thanks to his efforts in educating local managers on best practices in fraud prevention and introducing change to managers throughout the Sunstone division, Billy Vickers reduced annual costs by over $1.5 million. For his outstanding work in this area, Billy Vickers received the “Chairman’s Circle Award” and “Commitment to Excellence” award. Subsequently, he was invited to join the Interstate Hotels and Resorts audit department to help oversee hotel properties distributed worldwide. Continuing his successful business controls, fraud prevention, and risk identification, Billy Vickers has consistently kept such losses to less than .5 percent, compared with comparable companies’ average of 6 to 8 percent. Billy Vickers also created a control process designed specifically to scale up or down, in the event that the size of the business needed to change suddenly. When an acquisition expanded the business by 25 percent, the process adapted to the new circumstances perfectly, allowing new assets to transition seamlessly to the new owners.