Billy Womack

Medical and Commercial Real Estate in Tampa, Florida

Billy Womack

Medical and Commercial Real Estate in Tampa, Florida

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I came from very humble beginnings and fought hard to better myself to the man I am today. As a teenager my basketball was my best friend, dreaming of going Pro.

With hard work, disciple and that burning desire to WIN I became the 1st student in my school to ever receive a full ride basketball scholarship and I still hold the school record of 54pts my Jr year while averaging 30pts a game my Sr year to become "Arkansas Player of the Year" in 1991. I took a full ride scholarship and then procedded to join to United States Air Force after getting hurt in college.

Recipient of the Daedalian trophy and award presented semi-annually to the USAF unit at Base Level selected by the Chief of Staff, USAF, as having achieved the best supply effectiveness record in the United States Air Force in 1996 in support of mission aircraft and/or weapons. This is only given out every two years worldwide.

I entered Corporate America straight out of the Air Force to follow one of my passions which was helping others and I quickly became the number two sales consultant in the world for GTE a Fortune 500 company and named "Rookie Of The Year" I decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 24 after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and was a founding partner in one of the fastest online sports marketing companies in the US in 1998.

This is where the story changes dramatically however. At the age of 27 I tried my first drug and soon saw my life spiral out of control. I owned a large night club, started parting which lead to going to jail and losing everything - from my beautiful daughter, girlfriend, nice home, all my belongings and a lot of really great friends alone the way. I had lost ALL self-respect for myself and had embarrased everyone that I knew. I even had thoughts of suicide. My mothers prayers saved my life.

While incarcerated I had a lot of time to pray to God about what I had done wrong and volved to help others in any way I could to not follow that same path. I knew that to accomplish that I must earn a lot of people's trust and respect back including my own self-respect.

It took YEARS of barely getting by and struggling but with hard work and determination I fought my way back with several very successful business in the past 12 years and now I'm telling my story in front of hundreds and thousands of people.

I currently own a Medical Consulting and Real Estate Asset Investors Firm

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