Heather Biltoc

Tallahassee, FL

Currently I am a 19-year old Senior in the English: Editing, Writing, and Media major at The Florida State Univerity. I am also a reporter for Seminole Productions along with ESPNU:Campus Connection.

Originally I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but then moved and spent middle and high school in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I danced for 17 years, while also cheering on the varsity squad at Fletcher High School for two years.

I am infatuated with sports, mostly basketball and football, but my heart belongs to basketball. My goal in life is to be an ESPN broadcast reporter. Specifically I would love to report on ESPN:GameDay but I am also highly interested in sideline reporting, feature reporting, and good old-fashioned written reporting.

My goals that have yet to be fulfilled but are in route include: finishing my Bachelors in three years at the age of 20 in the top 10% of my graduating class. Living in New York City, Chicago, Boston, or Atlanta as a reporter.

I am extremely hard-working and will not stop until I reach the top. I strive to be a role model for others around me. I can be given any task and I will go above-and-beyond. You can always find me with my notebook and pen taking notes and score on the court or field.