Bil Sherrin

Certified Sr. IT Architect, Improviser, PubCrawler in Boston, Massachusetts

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I studied Psychology,Writing, and Business while attending Washington University in St. Louis. Over the years, I have performed various leadership roles within the IT industry as consultant, architect, lead developer and project manager. On numerous occasions, I have taken on positions in high-pressure, deadline-driven engagements using numerous technologies, and have led geographically dispersed teams varying in size from 6 to 200 through the entire life cycle. I have experience in multiple industries including: financial markets, automotive, consumer products, retail, energy and insurance. Web 2.0 (social software), system integration and data architecture are three of my specialties. My hands-on coding experience includes: SQL, java, html, asp, jsp, c, VB, perl and other languages. As a Certified Sr. IT Architect, I enthusiastically continue to participate in IBM's drive to be a great software, hardware and services company -- emphasizing integrity, leadership, and innovation.

PERSONAL: left-brain geek who generally has to be forced to do outdoorsy things (although usually happy and proud when it is all over); microbrew fan; sketch comedy improviser; mixer of different flavors of cereals in the morning; peer counselor and DJ in college; dog person; blood donor; news junkie; die-hard sports fan of the teams from Southeastern Michigan; movie-goer; occasional golfer who doesn’t embarrass himself but doesn’t seek out foursomes; with the same woman since 2004.

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