Jose Santiago

Hey what's up guys. I'm a freelance programmer, business owner, and college student from Newark, Jersey. I have a true passion for website and mobile app development (iPhone/iPad and Android apps). I love to play the occasional Counterstrike, Halo, and Call of Duty, although not as much as I used to in high school (just not enough time in the day!). Or you can find me just working on the classic cars in the backyard, spending some time with my wife at home, Barnes & Noble, the movie theater, or taking her out for some awesome food if she's not cooking up a delicious spanish storm in the kitchen. I also enjoy a good occasional movie at home or an anime show or two, when I actually have some downtime and I'm not on xbox live trying to rack up my gamer score, dealing with client work, or developing some ambitious personal projects. I'm a cool, down to earth person. I like to think I'm pretty patient and not overly-confident or cocky, and I'm always open to good conversations, especially an intellectual one.