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Seth Bindernagel

I lead digital strategy at Sequoia. Most of the time, I am thinking of ways to advance the Sequoia brand through digital marketing. I also help Sequoia founders and companies with their strategy.

Prior to Sequoia, I started the Consumer Product Marketing team at Twitter, focusing on driving the adoption of Twitter to everyone, everywhere. I also led product marketing for the Platform Team, working with developers to integrate Twitter. And, before all that (if you're still reading, wow!), I worked for Mozilla on Firefox, and for Ashoka way back in the day.

I love to play all sports and I also love all Cleveland sports teams. I grew up in Cleveland on the near west side. Ian Hunter said it best when asked about the song Cleveland Rocks - "The inspiration for 'Cleveland Rocks' goes back to the old days when people used to make fun of Cleveland. Cleveland was 'uncool' and LA and NYC were 'cool'. I didn't see it that way. Lotta heart in Cleveland."

One day soon, I hope to buy a classic huge American luxury car, convertible, and drive around with my wife and two daughters at a max speed of 25 mph, top down, tunes blaring. What's your favorite car?