Rob Lichorwic

Fort Walton Beach, FL

I'm a paranormal and radio geek. I've seen spirit since I was born and have been accused of the 'Invisible man" syndrom while I was a kid. (How many of us have had that happen) I am a strong believer in the US Constitution and I love our country which was faught in blood.

I'm also an I.T. guy who likes to stay current in computers and technology. Also love all things radio including FM skip/DX. I'd have a whole fleet of towers in my backyard if I could!

I enjoy music, mostly hits from today and the past 4 decades. I currently belong to a paranoraml group which I truely love - Spiritlight.

I have goals in my life, that is to get married before I'm 43, lose weight and grow spiritually.

The universe IS ready for me!

  • Work
    • Pay bils, clean house, run errands..
  • Education
    • High school, pre college degree