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Greetings, I’m HAN BING (韩冰) from Mainland China. HAN (韩) is my family name. BING (冰) is my given name which means ICE. And my English name is Hazel. Now I’m a MA student living in Hong Kong.

I just finished my undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature in July 2016. And now I am a MA student in English Studies. Mandarin is my mother tone. Also I am fluent in English. And my German is at elementary level.

I have been in Istanbul for half an month as an exchange student in 2014 and have been in Taipei for one semester also for exchange. I love to learn different cultures and talk with different people.

I am interested in history and religion in particular. But still I need to read a lot of books to learn more.

The country I want to go most is India. I like Indian Movies. And I learned a lot about India from books and Internet.

I worked as an Intern for three months before I went to study MA degree. I worked for a cellphone app company which develops app mainly for middle school and high school students. My job was to think out some useful English phrases with images in order to help students remember English vocabulary. Also I worked as a family tutor during my university time and taught English as a part-time job.

In my spare time, I love reading novels and watching movies especially romance and documentary. Also I am a big fan of Post-crossing. I have sent and received several postcards from Germany too.

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  • Education
    • City University of Hong Kong
    • Zhejiang Gongshang University