Bing Wu Berberich

Edinburgh, Scotland

I am not outstanding, but I strive to promote fair and honest learning through individual effort, which I consider to be a major responsibility as a human being and an academia. I grow up each day by constantly fighting against greediness and desire for unethical profit. I am hoping my trivial contribution would help more people to avoid being manipulated and controlled by irresponsible and unethical leaders and managers who are not eligible and capable of carrying out their roles.

I am a researcher specialised in Organisational studies and Human Resource Management, with both academic and industrial experience in people management, I am passionate about the strategic importance of human capital within organisation. I am entreprenurial minded in higher education internationalisation and international students' learning experience enhancement through teaching, facilitating and tutoring.

Chinese by ethnic background, British by citizenship. Having lived in the UK for more than 12 years as well as Continental Europe - study, work and study, I have grown to be someone with multicultural and multilingual background, someone who look at this world beyond artefacts. I love exploring, learning new knowledge and understanding different phenomena; I am deeply drawn to unfold the truths and provide solutions. I strive to be a lifelong learner with a humble mind to gain more knowledge and to contribute to what I believe to be good.

  • Education
    • Phd Candidate
    • Mba International Business
    • MA in HRM