Bingo Zempo

Tokyo, Japan

My name is Bingo, M.Schnauzer of Black and Silver.

My roots seems to be in Germany, but I was born in Japan on 11th January 2011.Actually Japanese people make doggy's sound "wan", instead of "bau". So as you know, wan=one=1, my birthday is very easy for Japanese people to remember because 2011/1/11 = wan wan wan wan wan = 5 wan =★★★★★.

My master call me "little general" reason why?
Because I'm very good at alerting and warning. In case some stranger coming my house area zone, I immideatly let my family know this, and this helps so much for my family. I don't earn the money. But I thinks I'm the best one to give great deal within family. and of course, I always give a big confort and still to my family.

I'm the one of most important member. So my master call me " A Little General".

  • Work
    • Guarding