Biniam Aschalew

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Social Media Manager in Milano, Italia

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Motivated, Ambitious, Persistent and Passionate about my job and objectives. Problem solver. Culture is my strong background, Order is my daily working basis.

Targeting progress, cultural awareness, innovation, grouping marketing and communication aspects to render the highest Customer Satisfaction:

. Results oriented organizational methods
. Highly professional communication line
. Optimized Skills
. Continuous improvement and market knowledge

Through 20+ years of professional experience, I have assisted all types of Customers in all types of settings and managed complex International business inquiries. Working constantly on cross-border deals, I have successfully guaranteeing high level of customer's satisfaction. Through my proactive attitude, timely and highly professional business negotiation services, I have managed challenging situations and enhanced future business growth for several Customers. Constant follow-up of Customer's target and expectation with meticulous, persistent and dedicated professional assistance.
During my career in Giorgio Armani commercial department, I was promoted to Assistant Showroom Manager reporting directly to the Master brand commercial Director. I am excellent trainer who achieves ongoing success by building enthusiasm, maintaining teams' self-confidence and training people to build the sale by improving their skills.

Part of my professional and life ambition to grow and gain strong self-improvement , I had worked the last seven years practicing and concluding International Business environment and participated in several B2B and European trade fairs. I'm passionate of Business from different points of view: Entrepreneurship, Industry, International Business Affairs, Partnerships, B2B / B2C and Technology

Passionate about Coffee (notably originated in Ethiopia where is pronounced "ቡና” literally “bunna”) and everything that surrounds the world of Farming I have dedicated several travels within Ethiopia (ኢትዮጵያ) to discover and achieve personal knowledge.

I am the co-producer of documentary film "The Mystical Seed" - Searching the Origins of Coffee. The film is the realization of a long journey in the coffee world, an artistic storytelling of people in search of coffee origins, exploring the culture and history.

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