Binnie de Cundo

Lille, France

Born in the village of Biot, his family moved to Grenoble on the Rue Napoloeon when he was young before settling in Lille where he studied in a conservatory adjacent to his home near the Jardin botanique de la Faculté de Pharmacie. Qualifying in Electro-analysis of the criminal mind he spent some time with the Sûreté and the Gendarmerie Nationale before establishing his own agency now based in Arras and Paris on the Rue de la Gard (just by the flower shop and above the boucherie).

He came to fame through his pursuit of a latter day desert pirate who went by the name of Pedro being of Mexican birth. Pedro kidnapped a young girl from the Loire - Boo Boo. Her lover Norman contacted Binnie who resolved the case within three years after a pursuit across Bolivian rain forests, the Snake Pass and the Tokyo Underground.

His trademark is the yellow van he drives where he keeps a tank of fishes in the back. This was originally intended as the source of a ready made snack as he does not like fast food but it soon became his emblem and he became attached to the fish giving some of them personal names such as Thierry the Trout. He has the unique cell phone number of 123 and email

In the 1990s he befriended a young English boy named Adam Moore who, using the pseudonym of Jimmy, helped him on some adventures in the UK. Adam is now a detective in his own right specialising in lost causes and pickled herrings.

You can help Binnie in his quest for world justice by joining his club. Membership is free but it costs €250 to leave.

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