Binny Agarwal

I like Paulo Coelho, reading his book on The Witch of Portobello- the character of Nabeel Al Ehi teaches Athena the following:

“Even a simple letter demands that we put all power into it that we have, as if we were to carve its meaning in hard stone.
“Thus, when holy scripts find their place on paper, they also include the person’s soul.
“Because the hand leading the line reflects the soul of the writer.”

these lines are very true in the sense what I feel about writing...

About me:

I am a freelancer writer, writing is not only my hobby but also my profession. i have written number niche articles and web site contents.

My Belief:

The real writer is one who really writes and talent is an invention like Phlogiston after the fact of fire.



"When you ask me who I am or who I’d like to be.

I can just chuckle and look into the mirror and clearly say me."