Binta Olabisi

South Florida, Usa

Binta Oreoluwa Olabisi
Class President, athlete

I am the type of person that loves adventures. I live to ride and ride to live. Everyone’s purpose in life is to be themselves, but they have to find themselves first. I believe I am a child of Allah. I respect and live upon my religion, Islam. "I am what I am and I do what I do ." - Anthony Hopkins. I’ve always been told there’s no person like me, I’ve always wanted to be unique.I understand that everyone leaves a mark in the world, but I want to make sure my mark is something this world will remember. I am a person who wants to leave a mark in the world, for my goal is to make an impact, a difference in the world; or if not the world then my community. If I believe I can do it , then I can. Anything is possible if you just believe because your imagination is a very powerful weapon. To be an inspiration, to inspire someone is one of the greatest accomplishments and feeling that I’ve experienced. I don’t just want to inspire someone, I want to inspire globally. I don't follow the crowd, I let the crowd follow me.

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