Aisha Ali

Writer and Editor in Nairobi, Kenya

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I started as a seed in my mother's womb where it was warm and life was easy. I spent many moons floating in the abysses of kisses of listless blisses before the pressures started.

My slumber was interrupted by the walls of my existence crush and squeezing me, pressing me out of my comfort.
And then there was light, and the darkness began.

I wept.

The sadness of being birthed to this earth overwhelmed my infant frail form. That trauma is the reason I probably cant remember it at all.

One quoth not what he knows but rather what he remembers and that memory of bliss and comfort is robbed of so many of us by the trauma of the ills and ails of the world we were forced into.

And ever since getting on this earth, I've been pretty much doing whatever I want to do.

That's how my life in a nutshell.

I pass my time on earth by being a writer who is passionate about social justice. I sometimes go by moniker BintiMswahili, and author the blog htttp://

I recently made the decision to change my career so that I can be able to use my writing to pursue social justice with a focus on researching, curating and preserving stories of African women, both fiction and non-fiction, which are not highlighted in the mainstream. To this end, I enrolled into the University of Nairobi for a BA in Journalism.

When I'm not in school or at work as a Copy Writer, I am adding my voice on social media discussion with the aim to highlight, teach and push for change on various injustices especially against women. I mostly use the Twitter platform going by the name @bintiM.

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