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Software Engineer, Writer, and Editor in Bénin

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Hey there,

My name is Ernest. I am a tech writer. I help tech companies like yours interact efficiently with their customers by decoding the IT jargon and making their services crystal clear for customers. I am also a Java programmer by night. Which enables me to understand technical terms and break them down in a way that even a baby can understand.
Here is how I do it- I replace "We develop high-performance and great mobile apps," with "We make apps that are easy to use on a mobile device, launch quickly and don't keep your users waiting."

I’d like to offer to publish more concrete articles that aim at helping your clients better understand how your company can help them reach their potential through the solutions you offer. I’ll use strong narratives that will engage your website visitors and convert them.

Most search queries start with Google, so I’ll make sure you show up there whenever someone types a related keyword. Don't worry, I do all the research/interviews for you, and make the technical things crystal clear to your audience, so you can save time and focus on other aspects of the business.

I hope you will consider my offer. If you hire me, you can be sure that you will be working with someone who is really passionate about helping people make more money and impact by valuing their products and skills. I believe that as a professional writer, I can help your company get the web and the social love it deserves.

Please contact me anytime for any of your writing, blogging or publishing needs.

My work has been featured in reputable publications including Unsustainable Mag and Southeast Asia Globe.

I write about tech here and I ama full time contributor atESL FREELANCE WRITERS as well.

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