carlos alfredo gutierrez antonio

yuor name is carlos alfredo gutierrez antonio, born april 27,1994 in the town of tonala,chiapas. he is the youngest son, has two brothers adrill david and fabian de jesus. their parents are Jesus Gutierrez Antonio and Elizabeth Antonio Figueroa. study two years in the garden of children "castro zambrano" and a year "zucre" followed his studies primary school "club de leones" where he spent 6 years in a row for after graduation Following his studies at the secondary "Ramon E. Balboa", where he met most of his friends where he met most of his friend sexcursions as their classroom and celebration of his graduation in "puerto arista,chiapas." in high school "prepartoria tonala num.1" was the time where more with lived with friends an biologistsd study the area of ​​biologistsd chemicals currently studying in the city of "tuxtla gutierrez" in "universidad politecnica de chiapas, biomedical engineering career.