Laura González-López

researcher, biologist, and Teacher in Madrid, España

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When I was a child I used to enjoy spending time with my friends exploring the forest and I wanted to be a teacher. That is the reason why I finished the degree in Biology with excellent results in general and specially in subjects related to Earth and Environmental Sciences like Geology and Astrobiology and in other like Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetic Techniques.

During my graduate training, I have been fortunate enough to also serve as a research assistant thanks to a government grant to start my research in the field of Geobiology at the Institute of Geology (University of A Coruña). Later I have been working as a graduate researcher in the same field the last years.

I also have excellent computer skills making presentation in several different formats with lots of programs (Office, Prezi, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop…) because I also have a Master’s degree in Teaching and complementary courses about e-learning and professional skills.

Recently, I have been giving oral presentations in some International congresses and working as a high school teacher where I have discovered my passion on teaching and science divulgation.

Finally, I also have excellent professional and time management skills as I have been worked in wide range of customer service jobs as a shop assistant over the past nine years. That is why I consider myself a decisive, creative and proactive person with high analytical, team and solve problem skills, organization and anticipation.

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