jill 🌹

Filmmaker in New York

jill 🌹

Filmmaker in New York

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hi im jill

↳ hufflepuff, enfp, aries, 13

↳ she/her pronouns

↳ fickin

↳ my best friend is juniper

↳ my other close friends are the factkin squad (who arent actually factkin)

➜ im jade harley! even if i dont feel like her sometimes, i know at least some of my identity will always be her. so if you know another jade or you are one pls dont follow

➜ my number one comfort chara is zen from mystic messanger. because of my dreams of being onstage and his conflict with echo girl which i can relate to, i depend on his character for coping reasons. i will always tag myself as mc when it is a picture of them both, and i am honestly a bit possessive of him. because of this, itd be best if you hardcore stan him or anything to not follow

➜ i know that mc isnt a character you can kin with, and i dont, but it really makes me happy for people to tag me as them! you dont have to of course

➜ i also consider a few characters, specifically past kins, very personal to me, so if you hardcore kin with any of them i may not let you follow

⇢ i need a few things tagged, namely sl*nd*rm*n, cl*wns, and self harm, specifically around the wrist area. only pictutes of sh need to be tagged for me. mentions are okay

⇢ in addition, please tag mentions of what happens after death and things about god not being real/hating on catholics. you can totally follow if yr not christian of course but just saying like "ppl who think god is real are so stupid" and giving reasons why hes not freaks me out and my biggest fear is being told i am going to die, and death. i understand this may be viewed as problematic, but im really scared of what happens after death so please tag it. if you frequently post about this please dont follow

⇾ i have a few rly nice qpps who i absolutely adore!!!

⇾ i love musical theatre, including hamilton

thts it pls dm me to follow if u still wanna tysm!