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Talisha Mallory

Talisha Mallory was born Talisha Harden January 28th 1977 to Sheila Harden and Bernard Pryor in the windy city of Chicago Illinois. Talisha wrote her first short story at the age of thirteen tittled *The Mystery Man* She is now 35 and she has won some and lost some. She lost two very important people in her life, her grandmother who she was raised by and her mother eight years ago due to terminal liver cancer. She then forgot how to write. All her emotions were now bottled up. A year after her mother passed she came out swingin due to her living situation. She cried, she yelled and she fought against the darkness with nothing but her pen and her gift. Talisha now has five books out now and one that she has co-written. Talisha is not only a urban novelist/poet but she's also an illustrator and an editor. Who would have known the skinny nappy head girl from Chicago would turn into the swan and take names as she's weilding her pen. If you want to get to know her better please visit her web site at