nils semmler

bionomist in Canada

nils semmler

bionomist in Canada

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Accomplished systems analyst, polyglot, environmentalist, project developer and Humanitarian.

Fortunate to have been able to study under the tutelage of prominent TRENT professors such as Dr. Keith Oldham, Professor Jerónimo Pablo González-Martín [pseudonym Blair McGregor] and Professor Peter Royle, I was a TRENT scholar during the final two years of my studies and ‘graduated’ from that august institution in 1985.

During a post-TRENT transitional period, I spent time 'jobbing' for a major tour operator in the Balearic Islands, followed by a tour @University in France to refresh my French and learning business 'basics' @University on the East Coast of Canada.

I then decided to spend time learning about 'industrial production and planning processes' from a well-known Engineer in the Wire & Cable industry - my father -, teaching myself along the way how industry needs to function in order to be profitable even with 'small' individual requests for product.

I translated this into software for manufacturing and production planning written in ANSI C with well over a million lines of code.

I was subsequently asked to transfer and teach application of this newly-documented, learned knowledge across different industries in order to improve them. This was accomplished in a heavily fossil fuel dependent nation.

Easy & ready access to 'cheap energy' was the one constraint shared by all industries I worked with. Evaluating options and looking for alternatives, I discovered that biological energy systems are THE most industriously pro-active, productive and, most importantly: They are fossil independent!

Always the naturalist, I decided to spearhead development of bionomic energy system technology in 2002.....

The first patent application was filed in 2011 in Germany.

Over the past 12 years I have consulted on most things to do with renewable sustainable [energy] sources & tech from LCA and feasibility analysis to Carbon Credit evaluations. I have overseen project development in several countries for several companies, government and employers and am currently working for a small firm based in Germany.

You can find me on Twitter,, @, Gmail+ as well as on XING and LinkedIn.

I speak, read and write German, English and Spanish like a native, can defend myself in French, get by in a few others and am currently learning Russian.