Rock Salt Soap Manufacturer in Yuseong-gu, South Korea

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Biosal is Bionano specialized company focused on related products production and R&D (research and development) of natural rock salt products. Until recently, 100% of products that are related to the rock salt were dependent on imports, but the company has succeeded in domestic production of rock salt related products at the end of many years of R&D (research and development). The Company has also secured source technology and intellectual property right through patent registration.

By combining a variety of natural minerals and effects in natural rock salt(such as emission effect of dead skin, skin regeneration effect, skin nourishing effect, anti-aging effect, skin whitening effect etc...) with traditional Chinese medicine extract, the Company has been manufacturing rock salt soap, functionality rock salt bath preparation, and Nano rock salt toothpaste. We strive to make the best products by using the Bolivian Uyuni salt in Andes salt lake in South America and the salt of the kings and nobles that is 'King Salt' from the old days. Biosal rock salt soap manufacturer produce of various products using natural rock salt.

Biosal, we are leading in manufacturing rock salt soap in Korea. Buy our natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial Himalayan salt crystals soap Korea products for good and healthy skin.