technical support agent in Budapest, Magyarország

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...spotted with 2 open eyes and snapped with 1 or 2 camera lenses. :-) (mostly w/ a mobile phone, but once I had another a digital photo camera, too.)

I often act like a tourist in my hometown which enables me to check out the details others / other tourists usually pass by.:-)

Sometimes I used to blog what I saw: mostly interesting things - perhaps only for me... :-)

Unfortunately I had to discontinue it due to the fact that the hosting company closed down its community page ( without letting me know so many things got lost there :-( but I hope I'm going to take it up again in case I get a tool for mobile blogging and that it's going to be insteresting not only for me.:-)

A big part of what was there like so far is to be seen on my links if anyone's interested.

Currently I only post for my friends on Facebook and (much less from the "vaults" - haha!) to my EyeEm-page: only sometimes the same stuff but mostly different pics - according to mood and random picks from the many thousands of pix I saved (from candid eyes and careful selection ;-) ... I guess I really had to crash the vaults finally - If I can make a family member do this tireing and meticulous job). :-)

Thanx for feedbacks (if any) in advance!

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