Dr. Manish Kumar

Consultant in Munich, Germany

Dr. Manish Kumar is a trained scientist turned consultant and holds a PhD from the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany. He also is an alumni of University of Heidelberg and IISc Bangalore.

Dr. Kumar has published in international journals and authored a book on cellular senescence and COPD. He possess strategical industrial insights through his work at Novumed life science consulting, a strategy consulting firm specialized in providing strategy consulting services to MedTech, Pharma and Life Sciences industry.

Dr. Kumar is the founder of the bio-science popularization organisation biotechdhaba which not only promotes bio-science education and research in India but also encourages cultural, scientific, technological and other educational cooperation between students and scientists.

He is passionate about shaping careers of students by helping them make right career decisions. He has enabled students and educational institutes to excel not only by developing creative, data driven strategic solutions to complex problems but also connecting talent to opportunities.