bird ?? ?

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heY!! im. aaron but my nickname is Birb!! u can also call me w/e my. current shift is!! um. i dont like drawing but its th only thing i can do so. ? yeah i have 149 ocs atm!! im rlly rlly young like. 13 turning 14 save me. andd um i have a cool gf and 2 cats! pls feel free to talk to me i love tlaking to ppl im just bad at it. aa its kind of hard to explain m y kin feelings but just. be nice ok u cna ignore this stuff!! nd also uh. pls dotn. talk to me abt self harm ?? like its okay if ur venting but if u just bring it up randomly im. uncomfy


my pronouns r He/They nd im a transboy!


🔵is ok for doubles dn 🔴 is not !



🔵Toy Bonnie ((Fnaf2!

🔴❔🔵Chara !((Undertale

🔴spike! ((MLp: fim

some scattered ones??:

🔴🔴🔴Tattle tail! ((, tattletail

🔴❔🔵Darwin ! ((amazing world of gumball!!

🔴Morty!! ((rick nd morty

🔴Max ((Camp Camp!!!!

🔴🔴Teddy DeChamp! ((stand by me


🔵Captain ((RA!!!!!!



🔵Forest/Lunar Faerie!




Tucker. or Church? (RvB ) ((ivd been. scremaingg abt thsi since 2015))

Tord ?(eddsworld. ((i ll ,, see tord nd im like “oh look its me!!” bUT I DOnt? Have,, any memories or anythign idk its weird idk how to expla i n))

Toby ((astro boy movie 2009