Grace Chong


Hi there :)

My name is Grace and I have issue with my skin since puberty. I thought that pimples were suppose to disappear once I become an adult and its not so.

In fact, due to muct stress from life and my bad addictions (coffee, sleeping late, not taking enough water, have to take care of my little angel when I am home, etc) , I now have hyperthroid (because of my family history, could be genetic).

In essence, my face have lots of scars, black heads, white heads. (see my picture below)

Its such a torture for me because when I tried to cover it up with foundations or wear make up, I always have horrible breakouts.

I know people always says things like, you have to find the right product to suit your skin (well... imagine buying bunch and bunch or make up that you use onces han give it away)

They also say things like take more rest, drink more water take vitamins and etc. Well... I take lots of supplements and try to drink as much water as I can. To no avail.

Finally, I decided to try something that I have heard about. Bird Nest. or also known as Swiflets nest.

I know that if you Google definitions, historys and etc you get lots of information about it. (So I'll skip the explanation and etc :P)

So I have purhased a pure birdnest from someone I know personally. I have taken my first bird nest today. (23 October 2014)

So I want to try if Birdnest is really as great as they say it is. Thank you for reading my lengthy introduction. I hopr that you will stick with me to find out whether birdnest really work for me .

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