Birgit Bohn

In my Job as Clinical Marketing Manager CEMEA I have the honor to work with brilliant minds in Healthcare in various projects. This is the perfect compliment for my key motives in my live which is activity, variety, realization/learning and flexibility. As I love to learn this environment is great environment. In nearly 25 years it has been always challenging and never boring. In addition I graduated as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (lang.:englisch and german) in 2014 and Systemic Management Coach 2015 (lang.: currently german, englisch coming)

My passion to cook is emphasized by my travel where I have the pleasure to explore different cuisines. I always learn and try when I come back. My current favorite is the kitchen in Israel.

My partner owns a Café and Bar and I am honored to be invited to cook for guests every now and than.

Looking forward I like to practice more as a Yoga teacher and Coach.

Ganesha - verkörpert Weisheit und Intelligenz und steht für jeden Neuanfang.