Birgitte Alstrøm

Founder, Board Member, and Speaker in Danmark

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Birgitte Alstrøm catalyzes managers to draw out the diversity and uniqueness of each individual, enabling them to pursue their natural talents and passions and to complement one another in a self-sufficient and highly functioning environment. Birgitte's passion for high-performing teams stems from her childhood experiencing the diversity of nature's ecosystems, while growing up on a farm in Denmark.

At TDC, she has developed a strong reputation for empowering managers to produce an immediate impact on the bottom line, and on employee and customer satisfaction, through the transformation of low-performing, multidisciplinary groups into highly efficient, motivated, and high-performing teams.

Birgitte's natural strengths as a focused, calm, and trustworthy leader allow her to be an effective coach and guide among her staff. She sets the bar high, while encouraging honest dialogue, collaboration, and personal leadership. Her career roles have enhanced her strong interest in new technology innovation and her thirst for continuous learning in fast-paced competitive industries.

Birgitte was a founding member of the Internet Service Providers Committee of the Danish IT Industry Association (ITB). She holds a diploma in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School. She has furthered this knowledge professionally by taking courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Project Management, and Management Education.

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